Lakes Area First Responders

We are excited to announce our partnership with North Memorial Ambulance in Alexandria.  They will be providing our new Medical Director and will be assisting our squads with trainings and refreshers!  



Welcome to the Lakes Area First Responders of Douglas County, Minnesota web page.  This page is designed to communicate with the twelve squads that make up the organization.   We will include all trainings, all rosters, all events and fundraisers.  Please check back frequently for information.

You are highly recommended to become a member of the Web site.  That way we can communicate with all members.  We request that each squadron have at least on person represented as a member of this web site.

DOCUMENTS:   Within this section you will find all the rosters for each squad.  Please verify that the information contained within your squadrons roster is correct.  The Bylaws and Protocols will also be maintained in this section.

PHOTOS:  If you have any photo's of events or trainings that you would like to include on this web page please email them to Shawn at

CALENDAR:  We would like to keep the calendar up to date to include all squadron trainings, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.  Please email Shawn @ with any information that you wish to include on the calendar.

VOLUNTEER & SUPPORT:  This section will be used to identify area's where assistance is needed.  Please email Shawn @ if you would like any information added to this area.


First Responders needed!!!!

If you are interested in becoming a first responder - some squads in Douglas County are looking.  Please use the Contact us form and let us know you are interested.  Please identify where you live in Douglas County so that we can get you in touch with the appropriate squad.